Welcome to my coming new web page for OE4KSF
By “Knut” STeinar Fremme
Contact by email at : qsl(at)oe4ksf.at

Opprinnelig fra Norge, 2072 Dal. LB8FH

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Hello everyone – In this Corona / Covid-19 days – HAM radio is a perfect way of having social contact in a safe way.
So stay safe every one of you – and let’s meet on the Radio

I’m currently using a Icom IC-7851 and IC-9100 and a BM-800 microphone.
Newcomer to my collection is an LP-500 from Telepost Inc.

Also using a HF-AUTO Antenna Tuner for the beam’s and a BT1500A Balanced Antenna Tuner for my 450 ohm ladder feed horizontal loop (160-10m)

For antennas
I’m using a horizontal loop for 160-10m at about 15-20m height – using 450 Ohm ladder line to the tuner.

A G5RV antenna (80m long) for 160-6m at about 20m height. Working quite well , but now taken down.

And a vertical for 160-80m from Spiderbeam. – Also taken down

My newest vertical project is a butternut HF9V – still needs some more tuning, but I’m impressed – works great

In edition I have a Spiderbeam 30-20-17-15-12-10m HD at about 17m total height above ground.
30m is an experiment, but so far works grate. Extending the booms to 6m , and added cables for 30m – 3 elements
Mounted on a MC-1200 Steel Tower (12 meters height) – on the garage roof – 3m height above ground- so antenna total 15 meters from ground .
(Still working on it :-)) 

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For 6m I’m using a 6 element EAntenna 50LFA6XL (12,33 dBi – 22,6 dB F/B) at about 12m height. 
This together with my 12 element for 2m and 25 element for 70cm from https://www.antennas-amplifiers.com/
This 2 antennas has their own short tower and rotor on top of the roof.

Tak Ksf Copy

My newest antenna projects are a 26 meter height  Spiderbeam Pole to hold a full size 160m + 80m +40m +30m vertical antenna.
I use separate radiator wire for all 4 bands.
The 160m have a small Top-Hat  , but for 80,40,30m  I’m using the full 1/4 wavelength wire – using the highest guy ropes in 3 directions to hold the 3 wires about 2 m away from the mast it self.
The wire for the 160m is spiral wrapped around the pole.
Read more about this antenna her My 160+m vertical


All COAX cable are secured here before entering the shack

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And – not to forget – Using the ULTRAFLEX 13 /.500″  from Messi on all my antennas
About 1 S lower (local) noise in RX mode, and super TX performance. I can really recommend this cable 🙂

My page at ARRL 
My page at QRZ.com 
My page at QRZCQ 

Grid Square: JN87da
ITU Zone: 28
CQ Zone: 15
QSL Info: E-Qsl, QRZ and LoTW or bureau
Sorry, but I’m not using eQSL.cc any longer

For now a few photos from my shack and hobby room.
My biggest hobby at the moment is developing and building QRP equipment.
This also includes units for WSPR transmitters and receivers.