Welcome to my coming new web page for OE4KSF
By “Knut” STeinar Fremme
Contact by email at : qsl(at)oe4ksf.at

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I’m currently using a Icom IC-7851 and IC-9100 and a BM-800 microphone.
Newcomer to my collection is an LP-500 from Telepost Inc.

Also using a HF-AUTO Antenna Tuner for the beam’s and a BT1500A Balanced Antenna Tuner for my 450 ohm ladder feed horizontal loop (160-10m)

For antennas
I’m using a horizontal loop for 160-10m at about 15-20m height – using 450 Ohm ladder line to the tuner.

A G5RV antenna (80m long) for 160-6m at about 20m height. Working quite well , but now taken down.

And a vertical for 160-80m from Spiderbeam. – Also taken down

My newest vertical project is a butternut HF9V – still needs some more tuning, but I’m impressed – works great

In edition I will have a Spiderbeam 30-20-17-12-10m HD at about 17m total height above ground.
Changing 15m for 30m is an experiment, but so far works grate. Extending the booms to 6m , and added cables for 30m – 3 elements
Mounted on a MC-1200 Steel Tower (12 meters height) – on the garage roof – 3m height above ground- so antenna total 15 meters from ground .
(Stil working on it :-)) 

For 6m I’m using a 6 element EAntenna 50LFA6XL (12,33 dBi – 22,6 dB F/B) and a 8 element yagi for 2m at about 15m height.
(It’s own tower and rotor) 

My SE X80 VERTICAL HF RADIAL FREE ANTENNA 80 TO 6 METRES – is NOT working wherry well, will not recommend it! 

And – not to forget – Using the MeP-AB10 BP100 AIRBORNE 10 /.400″ coax from Messi. About 1 S lower (local) noise in RX mode, and super TX performance. I can really recommend this cable

My page at ARRL 
My page at QRZ.com 
My page at QRZCQ 

Grid Square: JN87da
ITU Zone: 28
CQ Zone: 15
QSL Info: Only QRZ and LoTW or bureau
Sorry, but I’m not using eQSL any longer

For now a few photos from my shack and hobby room. (In Norway)
My biggest hobby at the moment is developing and building QRP equipment.
This also includes units for WSPR transmitters and receivers.

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