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Here I have made a collection of my AGB AWARDS – more than 281 so far – and more to come 🙂

Installed the UltimateAAC software from : http://www.epc-mc.eu/index.php

Entered the location from my log file – downloaded from QRZ.com into a .adi file.

Used the menu entries to check my log file and Automatically send requests to the award managers. Then after a few days – used the meny entry to download the awards. 

Membership of the AGB Club – Activity Group of Belarus


AGB is a group of active radio amateurs, not only in Belarus, but also in other countries.
The task of the AGB is to encourage its members to achieve maximum results, by widely publicizing their results in various areas of HF-amateurism and providing them with methodological assistance.
The main activities of the club are: Contest, DX-ing, Award (hunting for diplomas).