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My plan is to moove onto a sailboat and make it my primary home.
My home QTH are on the marked - so I will soon be permanent /MM - I hope
When I operate /MM I'm on this boat. Now desided to make this my permanent home, and stop looking for another.
I like this boat more and more , old - but in good shape, and now new instrumentation / rig / and everything of tecknology checked  etc. 
It has a size I can handle single handed - and in general - all what I want.
Now living 10 months on the boat and like it more and more - :-)
In May 2023 i plan to sail to Norway , and next year I will cross the big blue together with my brother
and he will be single handed on his own sailboat. He is also a ham - and this will give us posibilities to comunicate easeliy. 
Now using my FT-DX10 + CG3000 remote tuner  and a 11m vertical wire hanging from the mast top to the corner aft. 
For now - operating in the North Adriatic Sea - GRID Squere : JN75jc - Click to view
More on :

Later on this year I will stop using my OE call sign and go back to my Norwegian LB callsign as I will not
have an address in Austria any longer.
My Norwegian call sign are LB8FH and it will be LB8FH/MM from the boat  


QSL cards:

I have created a function where you can download an E-QSL card for all QSOs we have had in all modes.
You can find that function by clicking 
This Generate and Download do also work for my OE4KSF/QRP,  OE4KSF/MM and OE21FTDMC

I feel somewhat bad about writing this but I'm getting to many QSL cards now and having problems in replying to you all.
So do not send me any QSL cards if its not because you are collecting cards and would like to have one sent to you in return.

I upload my QSO's in real time to QRZ and LoTW.  

Program in use :  I'm using WSJT-X - Logging to my MacLoggerDX as my local loggsystem - and MacLoggerDX sends logs directly to loTW,  QRZ,  Club Log  etc etc 

And I'm more than happy if you take you'r time to confirm on QRZ or LoTW.

There is not that much I do miss from living in the house , but I do miss my Shack, my hobby desk and my antennas :-)