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My plan is to moove onto a sailboat and make it my primary home.
My home QTH are on the marked - so I will soon be permanent /MM - I hope
When I operate /MM I'm on this boat. Now desided to make this my permanent home, and stop looking for another.
I like this boat more and more , old, but in good shape, and now new instrumentation etc. 
Using my FT-DX10 + CG3000 remote tuner  and a 11m vertical wire hanging from the mast top to the corner aft. 
And for now - operating in the Adriatic Sea
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QSL cards:

I have created a function where you can download an E-QSL card for all QSOs we have had in all modes.
You can find that function by clicking
This Generate and Download do also work for my OE4KSF/QRP,  OE4KSF/MM and OE21FTDMC

If you would like a paper copy of QSL card from me, send me one via bureau and I will return one back to you via bureau.
Be aware that during these pandemic times, this may take some time to reach you!
Still want a paper card and bureau is not an option - send me a card in normal snail mail - and I will return one to you. A self-addressed envelope is always nice.

I upload my QSO's in real time to QRZ and LoTW.  

Program in use :  I'm using WSJT-X - Logging to my MacLoggerDX as my local loggsystem - and MacLoggerDX sends logs directly to loTW,  QRZ,  Club Log  etc etc 

And I'm more than happy if you take you'r time to confirm on QRZ or LoTW.

I receive more QSL cards in the direct mail I could ever imagine. It's nice and I feel honored that someone still has the HAM enthusiast in them and collects cards and wants my QSL card in the collection. I return one as soon as I can - and usually within a week.
Same with QRP stations I see and hear out there - I answer and call them more than happy.
We do not know the reason why they run QRP, some do not have the same access to buy big and expensive stations, some just for fun and others continue to build themselves - hurray !.
We should all become better at taking care of QRP stations and the enthusiasts out there.
I have been there - calling for a week without anyone bothered to give me a call.
And you should have seen my face the day I received my first QSL card - more than 55 years ago - and still have it :-) (I mean the smile - hehe)

All my QSO's are automatically uploaded on to QRZ, LoTW in real time-
"and electonical QSL card are automatically sent via e-mail for DX contacts on HF and everyone on 2m and 70cm."
I do not send any E-QSL in email any more - as you are able to fetch it your self by using the link found on the top of this page 





                              WW-HF-Marathon 2022
                                                     CW,  SSB, Digital Modes

The World Wide HF Marathon is designed to promote DXing activity throughout the year rather than only
on contest weekends and during DXpeditions.
Because activity is not concentrated in specific time periods, credit is given for contacts on all
ham bands 10 to 160 meters.
Scoring is simple: you score one point the first time you work a new DXCC and/or a new zone during the year.
Add the points up at the end of the year for your total score. There are no multipliers.
The WW-HF-MARATHON DASH offer 3 Classes, one in CW, one in SSB and one in Digital Modes.



I ask you to keep in mind that it does not help that stations on the other side of the globe hear you if you do not hear them. And this applies to power in the antenna. Use where you will see what you receive and where you reach. And according to the rule - only use the effect that is necessary and up to the legal maximum. Many, many times I see that 15W in the coax is more than enough to reach those I can hear - and especially in digital modes. If everyone just fills the coax with max and more - then we just block each other - and that's not something we want - is it?

I am Norwegian ( LB8FH ) and moved to Austria in the autumn of 2018 and received my Austrian call sign 3.2019.
Still in the process of learning German, so I apologize for my poor German qualities when you write in German to me, but hope to improve one day.


Hooray, then 60m are opened for use in Austria - pretty good conditions within the EU and America - on my first day on 60m.     Max 15W EIRP on 60m

EIRP? - An ideal isotropic radiator/antenna is used as the reference point. It emits power equally in all directions. If the antenna has a gain, this power gets concentrated in a particular direction. This is known as EIRP. The EIRP allows comparisons between different emitters regardless of type, size or form. If you know the EIRP and the gain of the real atenna, it is possible to calculate the real power and field strength. 
EIRP based on the Power, Gain in your antenna and Losses in coax etc.

So : 16W (42dBm),  Cable and Connector Loss  0.42dB(30m coax)  , (antenna 0dBi 1/4 vertical)  gives you  41.76dBm. And that is less than 41.77dBm (15W)  - so I can feed my coax with 16W :-)


2' Feb 2021  - Got it - My 1000 United State Counties Award :-) 
After 4955 QSO's with stations in USA - I got my Award - Thak you !

I’m currently using a Icom IC-7851 for HF and IC-9100 / FT-991A for 2m and 70cm.
Also added a FT-DX10 in the shack

IC-7851     IC-9100   
IC-7851                                               IC-9100
FT-991A                                              FT-DX10 

The IC-7851 is now sold! 
Yes the IC-7851 is an excellent radio no doubt about it, but I am constantly amazed at how good the receiver on the IC-9100 really is.
I have many times tried both radios on the same antenna and compared receivers - and many times the 9100 does an excellent job.
Yes, the filter options on the 7851 make it easier for me to hear weak signals when there is a lot of QRM.

But also have to say that I'm more then supriced over the performance of the YAESU FT-991A - A nice little radio that do work :-)
Now also testing out the FT-DX10. 

For FT8 I'm using my IC-9100 - its plobably the better one for digial mode from the FT-991a / FT-DX10 and the IC-9100
I try to save my 7851 for voice usage 

The power limit here in Austria is 400W, and the difference from the 200W output of the IC-7851 to 400W is so small that I just use 200W.
For digital modes I normally using 15 to 50W

Also important is the lighting protecting from KF7p  (KF7P Metal werks ) using Morgan Arrestors for all antennas.
A suppurb customer support from Chris at


7 Jul  2021
The SpiderBeam are now replaced with a Mosley PRO-67C-3 7 Band Beam, 7 El
Mounted on my MC-1200 Steel Tower

I have to be honest with you - I miss my SpiderBeam. My pro-67 works well, but I think all these traps do things with performance. I had excellent results with my SB, and my attempts to add 30m also worked well. But I had a little hope that this pro-67 could work better for me - and not least that I would get 40m in addition. However, it is not possible to make a total comparison without having both antennas up at the same time, something I am not capable of. Since my vertical seems to do an excellent job at 30m and 40m, I am in constant doubt if I should want to mount my SpiderBeam again. Only the future will show

My newest antenna projects is a 26 meter height  Spiderbeam Pole to hold a full size 160m + 80m + 60m + 40m + 30m vertical antenna.   
Look here 
I use separate radiator wire for all 5 bands.
The 160m have a small Top-Hat  , but for 80,60,40,30m  I’m using the full 1/4 wavelength wire - using the highest guy ropes in 4 directions to hold the 4 wires about 1.5 m away from the mast it self.
The wire for the 160m is spiral wrapped around the pole.
8-3-2021 - and update. This antenna really do work well and new countries on 160m are popping in.   On 160m this vertical is working far better than my 160m hor. loop did  

For 6m I'm using a 6 element EAntenna 50LFA6XL (12,33 dBi – 22,6 dB F/B) 
This together with my 12 element for 2m and 25 element for 70cm from
This 2 antennas are now mounted on my terrasse on a 10m aluminium mast and rotor at the lower end.
The terraces is about 6m above ground - so total at 16m height.

Antennas from antenna-amplifiers are just working perfect. Superb quality - and perfect support.

30-03-2021: Just order me tree Bandpass filters + Low Noise Preamplifiers for 6m, 2m and 70cm to be mounted on the antenna mast

A little update around this with these preamplifiers.
After a few weeks of use - then theory and practice agree quite well :-)
6m and 2m preamplifiers are mounted under the antennas - as close as possible without disturbing the field.
Then with separate power cable for 12V - which triggers the relays and powers the amplifiers.
It is important to have a delay from the time you start the transmission until power is generated in the cable.
This is so that the relays in the preamplifiers will have time to disconnect.
I made a simple controller from Arduino and a couple of relays and which sends a TX inhibit to the radio for 200ms after TX enabled.
But one thing is clear and no surprise. If there is no traffic or signals on the frequency - then there is also nothing to amplify.
But if there is an "almost" readable signal on the frequency - this becomes clear and nicely readable when I turn on the preamplifier.
Since the preamplifier is so close to the antenna AND not least has such a steep bandpass filter - so the Front-End receiving from neighboring frequencies is not overloaded and it amplifies little noise.
When I use preamp on the radio - the background noise is also amplified - little like with these that are mounted so close to the antenna.
So totally - yes I can have conversations with stations I would not have been able to without these preamps.
*Satisfied customer*

And - not to forget -
Using the ULTRAFLEX 13 /.500"  from Messi on all my antennas
About 1 S lower (local) noise in RX mode, and super TX performance. I can really recommend this cable :-)

If there was only one thing I would recommend to you - then it had to be - Do not try to save money on cheap coax and Connectors. It's terribly easy to lose 1dB here and 1dB there - and that applies not only to TX but also to RX.
I have now experimented a whole lot (Maybe even too much) on different qualities of coax and plugs - and it is almost unbelievable what it can do in performance.
There are far too many who say - an RG58 does the job - as I only do QRP - but 3dB is often the difference from a simple vertical to a small beam. Same goes for coax switches etc etc. Everything counts when looking to reduce losses. I made a setup (relebox) so that I could change the coax from my vertical in the garden from a regular RG213 to a quality cable - and I could hardly believe what it did also for reception.
No china coax conectors and cheap coax for me anymore - Then I would rather save on other devices etc. AND not least - put a big job in making antennas work without the use of tuners etc. There is a loss in all the gadgets you put in feed the system between the radio and the antenna.

But as I write this - do not be intimidated - Do you not have have the opportunity is any antenna far better than no antenna in the air.

And an antenna with ex 1.2 to 1.5 in SWR does it much better without a tuner than one with and 1.0:1 is not always the best.

And I dare say that you have no idea how a coax Connector can feel during use - util you have tested out Connectors from Messi.
Take a look at their website for more info 

My Combined 12 elm 2m and 25 elm 70cm antenna

My 6m antenna - big but works great


Lightning protection and protection against static charge - to the extent possible.
Will not stop a direct hit, but hopefully better than nothing :-)
All my antenna cables are routed through here. Except 70cm
All cables are also earthed on the inside - and where I can remove all cable connections when I know that a thunderstorm is approaching.
10mm2 earthing cable to common earthing point on the outside of the house.
Here is a picture during assembly

In my shack 

Nice serie of videos about Common Mode Current and Balun's magic:


If you are looking for good ideas for antennas - have a lokk at  Rick Westerman at :


A link to my comming website and my FT8 Awards colection :





Free counters!

From my workspace,  works great for me - and a lott of fun :-)
I love making gadgets - and especially QRP radios. I program for PIC and Arduino in C, assembly or whatever.

And my workspace a "few" years back. (1978 I think it is )
Did not look any better then, but as fun as today  :-)


Working on my new shack



Some pictures from my new antenna project:

Some pictures from my antenna prosjekt:
A small 12m Telescopic mast - for my 5-band SpiderBeam antenna.
1.5 m deep and 70 cm x 70 cm hole in the ground as a base - now filled with concrete. 1,500 kg :-)
The tower is equipped with 5 mm monofilament "wire" (800 kg) in 3 directions at the top, and 3x silk wire at the top of the lower segment,
as the ground is not stable enough to hold the tower alone.
As a rotor I use G-2800DXC and a rebuilt USB rotor interface from RemoteQTH. 


Tower in place and working with the Guying

Tested in upper position , before mounting the antenna

Upper section

All up and working

My New PRO-67-C3 up and running

My newest antenna projects is a 26 meter height  Spiderbeam Pole to hold a full size 160m + 80m +60m +40m +30m vertical antenna.
I use separate radiator wire for all 5 bands.  
The 160m have a small Top-Hat  , but for 80,60,40,30m  I’m using the full 1/4 wavelength wire - using the highest guy ropes in 4 directions to hold the 4 wires about 1.5 m away from the mast it self.
The wire for the 160m is spiral wrapped around the pole.
14 groundwires 15m, 4x10m and 8x20meter long. Plan to add 4x30-40m ground wires later on.  All laying in the gras.    

Idea and pictures from Rick Westerman at :

I have been able to tune it to 1:1.1 to 1.18 on all bands, and 160m to 1:1.1  (All bands tuned to best SWR on FT8 , but works greate also for SSB part)
This is the best vertical I have ever had - I'm realy trilled about it, and working greate on FT8 and SSB. 

In fact, this vertical works so well that I have decided to make another one but for higher frequencies. 10m + 12m + 15m + 17m and 20m. But for this verital I will use chicken fence as ground plane. This is going to be exciting ... Report coming later

So my antenna is a combination of this two , but more vertical wires for more bands as seen in the last picture.

And - its working :-)

Here is few of them, but have a look at my site


If I'm not on the radio - Im probably on two wheels up in the Alps


How I started my sailing career

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